Tongue In Cheek

With tongue in cheek, I sit here writing about the past week in trading.

Is this market upswing in juniors old enough to be potty trained? It is getting a bit more difficult to WEED out the the best deals, as the picture is very SMOKE-filled with all the new arrivals. The growing BUZZ is coming from the medicinal Marijuana entries. Gold stocks will now be harvested and not drilled, as the players look for JOINT venture partners in this new field. Agricultural specialists are joining miners in their quest to bring stocks to a HIGHer level. As with any new market event, the GRASS cutters will be out to undermine the attention taken from their stories. 7/11’s and depanneurs are stocking their shelves where rumoured production plants are to be built. Companies canvassing College campuses for technical advisors, no degrees necessary. In different times people would be STONED for acting strangely in public.

Ok enough, now I will tell you how to make money from this. Who is going to provide fertilizer and nutrients to these specialized growers. Security systems and companies offering guards will be in demand. Take a look at the companies who provide equipment and lighting. There will be a lot of companies involved in this new adventure.
Profits are made from disasters to historic events, and all in between. It doesn’t matter if you are not in favour of this industry, you are in the market to make money. Hurricanes and floods make builders and wood companies profits. Shooting sprees and horrific deaths make money for gun and ammo companies as people flock to buy before regulations are implemented. This industry is going to be HUGE and it is Government backed. 2 US states sell to the public and 20 states sell medicinal. The move is afoot and you have a choice: moral standards or profits. In a short time you will own these companies in your RRSP’S and not know as over 90 % of investors don’t know what they have now. As always Do Your Due and be careful as there will be many pretenders in this sector.

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Do your Due

Is this a turnaround in the junior market. Individual stocks were perking up and volume was looking a bit better. Phone calls are being answered and there is a definite buzz taking place. Don’ t jump ahead. Stay focused on the short term. Historically the market rallies from January to March in the juniors. Gold is moving higher and everyone is waiting for the huge gap to take place and all stocks will surge. THIS is not the case as each rebound has attachments to them. A large number of small to mid caps have NO money and will not survive. There has to be attrition and merger activity and it should start to build in the coming few weeks. I blindly went through about 75 charts a couple of days ago and was extremely surprised to see many have upturned and broken out and quite a few have bounced nicely. About 9 months ago you were walking down a flight of stairs when looking at charts.
So is this a turnaround or a new up market? It needs more time but the smart money has been picking away for the last few months. Trade stocks, don’ t hold on for ever. Take profits and keep core positions. You have been there before and lessons hopefully have been learned. Juniors are the next gold mines,and the next technical process or drug treatment and much more .There are many, many hard working, entrepreneurial men and women in the small to mid cap sector. Do your Diligenge and find them. That is how you can make money. Have a great PDAC