Rebound mode?

Is the small cap junior sector in rebound mode? Small moves are showing. News releases are not total liquidity events, as stocks actually end up on the positive for the day. Not big moves, but moves nonetheless. Word on the street is that Cambridge in Vancouver was beat up last week with less participants, but still on the slightly positive side. Being in Toronto last week, I witnessed firsthand the positive mood.

Things will come to a head in March/April as first quarter and year ends are filed, or more precisely NOT filed due to lack of funds. A large number of juniors are extremely under funded and something has to give. Mergers and acquisitions is one route that many may take, just to survive. Attrition is needed to free up the capital for the viable companies that will survive.

There are a lot of fantastic deals out there. Do your due and be patient.Good management is needed for the best to move ahead. Take care and have a great week


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