Our Company

A great story can leave people captivated, enthralled and ready to take the next step. At Paul Benwell & Associates – we work hard to tell your story, so investors can take the next step. Our unique and multi-faceted approach combines the facts about who you are, with the potential of what you bring to the table – backed by our expertise and wealth of experience our team has, with multiple decades on the floor of the Montreal Stock Exchange. We can present your story via many different means, allowing your brand to stand out in print, in person, and online.

President - Paul Benwell

Paul Benwell has over 45 years of experience in the financial markets, beginning in 1968 on the floor of the Montreal Stock Exchange. Paul has occupied many posts including Trader, Specialist and Market Maker, Compliance Specialist, Director of Trading, and Manager of Customer Support and Services for a variety of Canadian and American Companies. Paul’s experience and career have taken him all across North America, and is well versed on the Canadian and American markets. In 2001, Paul helped co-found Jitneytrade, an agency-based executive broker, while working the pits of the Montreal Stock Exchange. His wealth of knowledge across a variety of sectors, and expertise on the industry, has made him an asset to TSX companies and markets over the course of his long and tenured career. He is currently the CEO and Head Partner of Paul Benwell & Associates, while residing just outside of Montreal, Canada.

Our Associates

Sophy Cesar

Sophy Cesar has over 15 years of experience specializing in investor relations, communications marketing and branding. Prior to joining Paul Benwell & Associates Sophy held the position of Vice President of Investor Relations at a leading TSX-V company where she developed the company’s investor relations strategic plan and spearheaded investor awareness campaigns. She also played a strategic roll in two financings, raising over $3M leveraging her network to establish new investors and served as the key contact to the investment community. From early 2012 to mid-2015 Sophy worked at Argex Titanium as the company’s Manager of Investor Relations. Her role was instrumental in attracting analyst and media coverage, significantly expanded retail, broker and institutional investors through numerous roadshows and online engagement. During that time at Argex the company achieved a market cap of approximately $215 Million.