Cocktail Event – February 24th 2016

LA-Logo   Lite Access Technologies is the world leader in Air blown fibre and microduct solutions. Focusing on innovative, Micro-Trench technologies, Lite Access has made end-to-end fibre connectivity a viable, cost effective bandwidth solution.


Stria2  Stria Lithium Inc. (TSX-V: SRA) is a junior mining exploration company with an expanding technology focus and is also the sole owner of the Pontax spodumene lithium property in the James Bay region of Northern Quebec.


6726c6_d45cef222ab04858b22aa8475c1e150c  Merchant Pig Iron (MPI) is the focus of Metalo Manufacturing Inc.’s (MMI) investment – Grand River Ironsands Incorporated (GRI), who is the major shareholder in North Atlantic Iron Corporation (NAIC).  The plant will lever low cost electricity, low cost natural gas, and low cost raw materials (coal and iron ore) to make a high purity pig iron.  The US$300 million plant will supply their product to steel mills and foundries.  The mills will use the MPI as a blend with scrap metal to make premium steel products; the foundries will use the MPI to make items such as engines, motors, and other cast iron products.


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