Tax Loss Selling Season

Here we go again with another season of Tax Loss Selling coming into play. Are you in or out? Scenarios unfolding are multiple, but the short story is that selling is taking place now so as to be able to buy back in the required 31 day period which puts it near the end of selling.

Good strategy because there may be few bids around as we get closer to the deadline. To make matters worse we have a breakdown in GOLD as well as OIL and the juniors are falling on their own accord from lack of interest to indifference and are not the flavour of the month any more. Timing in any trading situation is crucial to success and this time of year can generate a quick bounce in the small caps. BTW sell into a bounce and take a profit,

Historically the junior sector is at an all time low in many areas and there are some excellent companies to look at.You now have a new sector that is not micro cap but pico cap and it is here that lie the treasures. You have to work hard now to make money so do your due and be prudent. When they want to give them away, it is time to be a buyer.This is a buyer’s market so be patient and selective in your choices.

Good luck and Happy Hunting and please take profits
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