Do your Due

Is this a turnaround in the junior market. Individual stocks were perking up and volume was looking a bit better. Phone calls are being answered and there is a definite buzz taking place. Don’ t jump ahead. Stay focused on the short term. Historically the market rallies from January to March in the juniors. Gold is moving higher and everyone is waiting for the huge gap to take place and all stocks will surge. THIS is not the case as each rebound has attachments to them. A large number of small to mid caps have NO money and will not survive. There has to be attrition and merger activity and it should start to build in the coming few weeks. I blindly went through about 75 charts a couple of days ago and was extremely surprised to see many have upturned and broken out and quite a few have bounced nicely. About 9 months ago you were walking down a flight of stairs when looking at charts.
So is this a turnaround or a new up market? It needs more time but the smart money has been picking away for the last few months. Trade stocks, don’ t hold on for ever. Take profits and keep core positions. You have been there before and lessons hopefully have been learned. Juniors are the next gold mines,and the next technical process or drug treatment and much more .There are many, many hard working, entrepreneurial men and women in the small to mid cap sector. Do your Diligenge and find them. That is how you can make money. Have a great PDAC

Bullish sentiment in Junior sector is growing

Everyone knows how or why to be bearish, but who knows how to be bullish. What are the signs that jump out and say it’s time to buy? Volume is one factor, and over the last 18 months a lot of stock has traded at or near record lows on a huge number of small caps. Mid caps have become small caps. News releases became liquidity events, and companies traded heavily and went nowhere, even down ticked on good press.

I see stocks starting to edge up on news. Not a lot,but at least flat or plus at end of day. Sell sides of many stocks are thinning out. Companies that are solid and have been throughout this depression are starting to raise money. Osisko vs Goldcorp has sparked some bottom searching and finally the word on the street is turning positive.
We shall see. The next two months will be very telling. Look for a flurry of mergers and acquisitions to take place and let’s see how bullish PDAC will be.

Do your due and trade cautiously.