2013 Recap

Tax loss selling is here again! This is a great time to be taking a serious look at the Junior sector, not just commodity stocks, but oil and tech – amongst others. For the past two years I have compiled a list of about 100 companies, considered by many professionals in the marketplace to have been oversold and beaten down.

Well 2013 has pushed the junior market to record lows. So, what to do?? Now, more than ever, it’s time for serious due diligence on this sector. These stocks have reached levels not seen before, most of the time for no other reason than indifference in the small cap space. I have no list this year as there are too many excellent buying opportunities.

Remember one thing.. all my calls and research this year have focused on finding survivors, and the street tells me that Management is the key to moving forward. Money is obviously very important as well, but the smart money is counting on good managers to take companies through these horrendous times

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