A great story can leave people captivated, enthralled and ready to take the next step. At PBA – we work hard to tell your story, so investors can take the next step. Our unique and multi-faceted approach combines the facts about who you are, with the potential of what you bring to the table – backed by our expertise and wealth of experience our team has, with multiple decades on the floor of the Montreal Stock Exchange. We can present your story via many different means, allowing your brand to stand out in print, in person, and online.

Marketing and Awareness

We don’t just talk about you, we tell your story. Our group of associates is dedicated to conveying your story using the most efficient methods

Networking and Introductions

We organize events and cocktails that put you in front of people who need to hear your story. We give you a platform, you tell the story

Branding and Image


We work hard to craft an image and a brand that is synonymous with success. Our work leaves you with your best foot forward